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​​​​​​​​The Indianapolis Prize is an international leader in conservation and recognizes individuals in the field who are protecting species and creating successful conservation methods that ensure future generations will live in a flourishing and sustainable world.

What initially began as a simple quest the Prize has grown to be an internationally renowned and recognized conservation program and award, celebrating the victories of conservationists who are saving threatened species all over the world.

With your support we can continue to recognize and reward the important work that can reverse a grim future for animals on the path to extinction to a bright one.
Our goal is to draw global attention to the work of animal conservationists and reach young minds early in an effort to educate and create a world worth inheriting.  

Different Ways to Support the Indianapolis Prize

Make a Charitable Donation

Your donations make a difference! Your donation, no matter the size, is one of the simplest and most effective ways to support the programming and operating costs of the Indianapolis Prize.

Indianapolis Prize Endowment Fund

An endowment gift is foremost a legacy, an expression of the passions and beliefs that guide an individual, a couple, a family or an organization. It is a testament to the donor's enduring support for the organizations and programs for which they care the most. An endowment gift also powerfully conveys the donor's commitment to the future of an organization.

The Indianapolis Prize Endowment Fund serves to protect the future of the Indianapolis Prize program. We continuously campaign to promote the ever more critical conservation status of threatened and endangered wildlife and raise awareness of the many dangers that remain in the wild. By honoring individuals who have sacrificed the most, the Prize brings global attention to the need for animal conservation efforts. 

Whether through a structured or outright gift, we would be happy to work with you and/or your organization to help establish your conservation legacy and fulfill your charitable goals.


Become a Sponsor

Indianapolis Prize sponsorship is a means for you, and your organization, to align with the Indianapolis Prize and our calling to bring international attention to the cause of animal conservation and the brave, talented and dedicated men and women who spend their lives saving the Earth's endangered animal species.

Prize sponsorships support the growth of the award program and education programs designed to encourage the public to learn about conservation science and, wildlife. Sponsors care about wild things living in wild places and help us pursue our mission to empower people and communities, both locally and globally, to advance animal conservation.

Attend the Gala

In an evening designed to impress, guests of the Indianapolis Prize Gala will celebrate the cause of animal conservation with the conservationists themselves. Hosted biennially in downtown Indianapolis, guests experience an impactful evening of storytelling, entertainment and emotion while their extraordinary dedication to protecting animal species are recongized and honored. This remarkable event is one to remember.

Registration sales directly support the continuing success of the Prize program and its efforts to recognize conservation heroes committed to saving the endangered animals of our planet. 


The Prize relies on the generosity of sponsorships, donations and attendees whose gifts are used to connect people across the world with those who are dedicated to animal conservation. Together we will advance change and increase impact for animal conservation.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more how you may establish your legacy by supporting the Indianapolis Prize or becoming a sponsor, please contact: 

Charitable/Endowed Support

Julie McDearmon
Director, Institutional Advancement
(317) 630-2703

J. Edward (Ed) Sandifer, J.D.
Planned & Major Gifts Officer
(317) 630-2709

Sponsorship Opportunities

Karen Burns
Executive Vice President 
(317) 630-2711​ 

To make your gift in honor or memory of someone, or for more information on special opportunities, please contact us at      317-630-2049 or

Thank you for your consideration and support.