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​The Indianapolis Prize for 2014 was awarded to Patricia C. Wright for her work saving lemurs in Madagascar. Below you will find spectacular videos created to tell the stories of the top conservationists in the world. The videos were produced all over the world by Matt Mays Entertainment and were featured at the 2014 Prize Gala sponsored by Cummins Inc. 

Pat Wright Feature​ 09/27/2014
Gerardo C​eballos Feature 09/27/2014
Joel Berger Feature​ 09/27/2014
Carl Safina Feature 09/27/2014
Russ Mittermeier Feature 09/27/2014
Carl Jones Feature 09/27/2014

Prize Gala ​Open​ 09/27/2014
Prize​ Gala Close 09/27/2014
2014 Prize Gala Recap​ 09/27/2014

Leadership Breakfast Feature09/26/2014

Stony Brook University Tweet-up​​​ 04/22/2014
Dropbox Link to 2014 Indianapolis Prize Press Conference 05/13/14