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Your selfie helps advance animal conservation

Did you know there are more than 16,000 endangered species on our planet?

Now you can join the Indianapolis Prize to raise awareness for incredible mammals, birds, reptiles and more. It's simple — just take a selfie, tag @IndyPrize and #SavingSpecies and share the animal you'd like to save. You'll take part in a social initiative that has the power to engage, empower and effectively play a role in conservation.

​​How can we support conservation in our everyday liv​​es?

Everyone has the power to protect our natural world. That power is your individual voice, actions and your awareness. The winners of the Indianapolis Prize are heroes today because they chose to make a difference and led by example.  What c​an you do?

Here are three simple suggestions that you can do to bring more conservation in your everyday life.

Be Aware

Awareness is the first step to any kind of change. 

First Steps: Be a conscious consumer. Consider what you are throwing out. Can it be recycled, composted or donated? Read your product labels and visit your local farmers market to learn if the goods you consume and use are sustainably produced. How efficient are you when it comes to electricity and water?​

Educate Yourself 

Through volunteer opportunities, education programs and environmental groups you can learn what conservation efforts are taking place in your local community and understand how it affects wildlife living in your backyard and beyond.

First Steps: Enjoy nature, enjoy the wild. Visit local parks and institutions like the Indianapolis Zoo to learn and appreciate, first hand, all of the beauty this world has to offer.  

Find Your Role
Get involved in stories that move you. Consider supporting global conservation initiatives that are directly saving endangered species and protecting their habitats worldwide.

First Steps: Follow programs, like the Indianapolis Prize, on social media to see what conservation issues are arising around the globe. Share the stories that move you.

​​Advice from Conservation Heroes

"We all can support conservation by reducing our consumption of goods, such as clothes and detergents, by saving energy in our home and our work (or school), by reducing our waste, and by volunteering with the local environmental authority."
- Dr. Gerardo Ceballos, 2014 Indianapolis Prize Finalist

"Get out into nature—see what's out there."
- Dr. Carl Jones, 2014 Indianapolis Prize Finalist

"Get out into the field to experience nature firsthand, whether it's through ecotourism to some exotic destination in Amazonia, Madagascar or another remote corner of our planet, or through volunteer opportunities, education programs or periodic visits to natural areas in your own backyard. Also take advantage of local institutions where you live. I attribute a large part of my interest in wildlife to frequent visits to NYC's Bronx Zoo and American Museum of Natural History. The opportunities are endless."
- Dr. Russ Mittermeier, 2014 Indianapolis Prize Finalist