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Indianapolis Prize Leadership Breakfast

​» 2016 Event: A Bird in the Hand

Leadership Insights from Conservation Hero Carl Jones​

​Conservation pioneer, leader and hero, Dr. Carl Jones is credited with saving species on the brink of extinction. Jones' four decades of legendary work have directly revitalized multiple endangered animal populations and habitats, perhaps most famously, the Mauritius kestrel. With only four of the birds left on Earth, Jones’ innovative techniques changed the fate of the species to ensure a thriving population now nearing 400 in the wild. His lasting legacy and inspiring victories earned him the 2016 Indianapolis Prize. 

​In this unique conversation moderated by columnist and Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute President John Ketzenberger, the event explored topics like consensus building, international negotiating and succession planning. Carl Jones and Tatiana Kolovou, Senior Lecturer in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, delved into how monumental changes that took place on a tiny island near Madagascar parallel issues faced in boardrooms across America. With his inspiring vision, action and determination, Jones proves that confronting the improbable, like saving a species on the brink of extinction, is possible.

​​​Stay tuned for future event information, dates and details.

​​​» ​Previous Praise​

"Dr. Patricia Wright…was inspiring and instructive, and her stories were very relatable to business leadership." - Nancy S. Ahlrichs, FlashPoint

"The Leadership Breakfast gave me the opportunity to hear the journey of our Indianapolis Prize winner, Patricia Wright, and the non-scientific issues that had been overcome. From building consensus regarding the economic benefit of saving a species to dealing with international politics, her story was both complex and inspiring." - Elaine E. Bedel, Bedel Financial

"Discuss[ing] leadership with one of the world's most renown[ed] animal conservationist is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  It gives us all a glimpse into how leadership is used in very unique situations.  No matter what the circumstances or environments, exceptional leadership is foundational to success." - Greg Fennig, Indianapolis Power & Light Company

"I would highly recommend the Indianapolis Prize [Leadership] Breakfast to business leaders and their young emerging talent, to not only learn about the amazing conservation accomplishments of the Indianapolis Prize winner, but to shine a light on how mission-driven, collaborative leadership can shape businesses, politics, policy and communities on a local and international scale."
- Susan Williams, Community Representative 

Photos: Dan Boyd, Carla Knapp, James Morgan​, Sam Cartwright