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Indianapolis Prize Lecture Series

​​​Stay tuned for future event information, dates and details.

​In a continuous effort to educate, inspire and empower, the Indianapolis Prize Winner embarks on a lecture series after the Indianapolis Prize Gala. The Winner tours local and national universities as well as various community locations to share their story with students and aspiring conservationists.​​

​» 2016 Series: Lessons from the Dodo

Saving Species and Rebuilding Ecosystems in Mauritius​

​Featuring 2016 Prize Winner Dr. Carl Jones
Chief Scientist, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Scientific Director, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation​

Conservation pioneer, leader and hero, Dr. Carl Jones is credited with saving species on the brink of extinction. Jones’ four decades of legendary work have directly revitalized multiple endangered animal populations and habitats, perhaps most famously, the Mauritius kestrel. With only four of the birds left on Earth, Jones’ innovative techniques changed the fate of the species to ensure a thriving population now nearing 400 in the wild. His lasting legacy and inspiring victories earned him the 2016 Indianapolis Prize. 

In these presentations, Jones offered insights on restoring a number of species, including birds, reptiles and mammals, in addition to the ecosystems of Mauritius. He will highlight his journey to save the Rodrigues fruit bat, pink pigeon, echo parakeet and more from disappearing forever. Students and community members — from Butler University to Harvard — discovered his innovative approach to rebuilding Mauritian habitat using ecological replacements for extinct animals​ and what it means for the future. 

Jones' vision, action and determination prove that saving a threatened species is possible.​​